Tips for Blowing Smoke Rings While Having an Amman Vape

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Many people who used to be ex-smokers have now switched to having an Amman vape while
taking their smoke ring tricks to a whole new level. If you are not legendary enough at blowing
smoke rings and “O’s,” do not worry because all it takes is some practice. Here are some of the
best tricks for Jordan vaping that will blow all your friends away in no time.

How to Blow Smoke Rings?
Smoke rings have been revamped for Jordan vaping and have become more advanced. These
take some time to master, but anyone can learn to do them. The first step is to take a deep
drag from your Amman vape and inhale it into your throat. It would be best if you do this by
keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. Then form a round “O” shape using your lips
and lift your chin upwards to blow a small amount of vapour. Your throat should create a short
pulsing movement as though you are letting out a subtle cough. Then the size of the circle or
“O” that you make with your lips results in the ring you produce. For very thick rings, you
should tuck your lips inside rather than push them out.

How to Blow Multiple Smoke Rings?
If you want to blow double or triple smoke rings at the same time, this is an impressive
technique that you can try after mastering single O’s one after the other. To do this, you should
put a finger over your mouth and press it down gently on your top lip. This will split your
mouth’s opening into two sections. Then repeat the same steps as blowing a regular ring, and
you will see two O’s come out instead of one. Triple rings work the same way. It helps if you use
both fingers to split sections during your exhale and keep your mouth open the entire time.

Extra Tips for Better O’s
An Amman vape is better for blowing rings than cigarettes because the vapour is thicker than
smoke. If you want the milkiest lush O’s, you should practice the art of cloud chasing. The dense
vapour makes the most insane tricks possible when you are Jordan vaping.
Most tricks you to practice your lung capacity and how much you can inhale directly. The better
you become at inhaling the vapour into your lungs, the more impressive your rings will be.
Using extra coils will also provide more surface area for your e-juice to vaporize, and this
creates the best circles. For dense clouds, you should use lower resistance coils with a higher
wattage to give them extra power to heat up.
The type of rings you want to achieve depends on the airflow. Many Jordan vaping sub-ohm
devices are built with wide airflow holes that produce a lot of vapour. They can also cool the
vapour down from your Amman vape when you want to inhale directly into your lungs to do
advanced tricks. When it comes to e-juices, a high VG is best for tricks to give you thick clouds of vapour that can be converted into beautiful jellyfish shapes or multiple rings. Since blowing smoke rings requires a lot of practice, you should avoid nicotine in your Amman vape to
prevent having too much of it.

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