How to Help Friends Who Want to Quit Cigarettes for Turkey Vaping

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If you have recently tossed away packs of cigarettes for an Istanbul vape, your friends might get curious watching your successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. Switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes is not a simple undertaking, especially if any of your friends and family members still smoke cigarettes regularly. There may have been times where you tried loaning them your Istanbul vape device, only to see them shake their heads and continue puffing on a Marlboro. It is normal to feel worried about their health and want to motivate them to make the change as well. However, you need to approach this gently and ease them into Turkey vaping. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Start with Disposable Devices

Your friends and family might not immediately drop their cigarettes for an Istanbul vape because it can seem challenging. Most people do not want to deal with charging batteries and refilling e-juices. It is much faster to unwrap a pack of cigarettes and light one up. Tobacco does not need any maintenance, and smokers never have to worry about things like cleaning devices and upgrading coils. Cigarettes also have a distinctive taste that many people enjoy, and they might not like the fruity flavour of an Istanbul vape that you offer them. 

It is not possible to vape without a charged battery. A lot of people forget to do this regularly, like those who continue using their iPhone when it has less than 5% charge left. It does not require much effort to plug an e-cigarette into the wall. E-juices also need to be refilled consistently for a Turkey vaping device to work effectively, but many smokers believe that all this additional work is not worth taking the plunge. Although these extra steps are not time-consuming, they are a significant change in a person’s routine, mainly when they are used to a quick flick of a lighter for a smoke. That is why a disposable e-cigarette would be best to convince your friends to try. They resemble traditional cigarettes, and a person only needs to unwrap one to start puffing on it. It takes much less work than other Istanbul vape devices, and there is no need for a lighter. 

Try Different Flavours

No matter how much you enjoy strawberry blast or berries, other people might not enjoy the same flavours. Most smokers stick to specific tobacco brands because they are used to it, and they might want the same taste to start Turkey vaping with you. Many of them taste like tobacco and menthol, which should be more comfortable for beginners to have an Istanbul vape. Then they can try more flavours to see which ones work best to finally give up cigarettes. 

Modify Nicotine Strength

For some people, the flavours for their Istanbul vape might not matter as much as the nicotine strength. Many smokers crave nicotine and feel satisfied by the “Throat hit” they get from each cigarette puff. If this hit in the back of their throat is not there while hitting a vape, they might feel like something is missing and be tempted to go back to tobacco again. The key is to make vaping mimic smoking cigarettes so that the switch becomes effortless. You can always recommend friends to try a higher level of nicotine and then work their way down to lower levels. Allow them plenty of time to experiment with different Turkey vaping products to see which appeal to them the most.

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