Choosing the Best Nicotine Levels

Choosing the right nicotine levels can be confusing if you are shopping at the best vape store
Amman for the first time. Even if you might not notice nicotine levels in cigarettes, this is
essential information for vaping if your goal is to quit smoking. After selecting the best-
flavoured e-juice, you might be suddenly asking yourself, “How much nicotine should I vape.” In
this article, we will explain the different nicotine levels and how you can gradually reduce
consumption to zero milligrams.
Vape Juice Nicotine Levels
Experienced vapers know how much nicotine their juices contain. However, traditional smokers
rarely pay attention to the quantity in their cigarette packs because they depend on each
brand. Several cigarette brands add nicotine and various other chemicals to their products even
though nicotine is already found naturally in tobacco plants. If vapers used to smoke cigarettes
previously, they might feel confused about which level of nicotine is right for them. Our e-juices
contain 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. These quantities represent how much nicotine is
there in a single millilitre of vape juice.
How to Determine Which Nicotine Level
If you have recently switched to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, nicotine levels influence how
enjoyable the experience will be for you. Higher nicotine levels can seem harsher in taste and
can hit the back of your throat. Many vapers would feel motivated to lower their nicotine levels
for a smoother taste. However, if you vape only a couple of times a day, a stronger level of
nicotine would be better, mainly if you were used to smoking heavy cigarettes such as
Marlboro reds. People who frequently vape throughout the day should stick to lower levels to
avoid feeling dizzy and nauseous. Non-smokers who have never had cigarettes in the past can
vape 0mg of nicotine.
Nicotine Levels Explained
0mg is ideal for people who have never smoked cigarettes before. This level is also best for
those who are working their way down from higher levels to gradually quit their dependence
on nicotine, after having puffed on cigarettes for many years.
3mg is suitable for vapers who used to consume plenty of nicotine (around half a pack per day)
and want to slowly work their way down to 0mg rather than going cold turkey.
6mg is for vapers who were moderate smokers (more than ten cigarettes a day), or if they
smoked brands such as Marlboro Lights/Golds.
12mg is best for vapers who used to smoke very heavily before vaping. People who need this
level of nicotine might have been lighting a daily pack of Marlboro reds or unfiltered cigarettes.

After starting from 12mg, you can move down to 6mg, and then 3mg. This will slowly diminish
your dependence on nicotine and help you quit smoking cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive
chemical. When you get used to vaping at 0mg levels, you significantly eliminate any risks of
reverting back to smoking tobacco.

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