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Vaping Etiquette For Newbies: Dos and Don’ts of Vaping


There are many people who vape for various reasons. Some do it to get out of their smoking habits, some do it to cope with the nicotine cravings and there are others who simply do it for the fun and experience. Like every other addictive habits or interest, vaping should also be pursued with caution […]

Open VS Closed Systems – Find Your Perfect Match

vape devices

Vaping is a highly popular alternative to cigarette smoking and is sure to get much bigger in the years to come. Vape enthusiasts often try to understand their vape devices and juices inside out to choose or built custom vape devices for their own needs. It would also help a novice to understand the inner […]

The Vaper’s Code – Choose Your Technique

Vaping technique

If you are new to vaping, you will most certainly have many doubts regarding the proper way to do it. What many of you don’t realize is that the way you vape can greatly affect your experience doing it. So a little knowledge on the front will surely help you have the best vaping experience. […]

Help Beginners Break into Vaping

Salt Nic

If you are someone genuinely trying to quit smoking cigarettes, vaping is for you. The struggle to get out of nicotine addiction is very real and vaping is undoubtedly the healthier option. Saying goodbye to smoking and holding on to just vaping, even when your peers are all smoking can be a tough road, but […]

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