How to Help Friends Who Want to Quit Cigarettes for Turkey Vaping

Vape in public in Amman

If you have recently tossed away packs of cigarettes for an Istanbul vape, your friends might get curious watching your successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. Switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes is not a simple undertaking, especially if any of your friends and family members still smoke cigarettes regularly. There may have been times where […]

Tips for Blowing Smoke Rings While Having an Amman Vape

Vape in public in Amman

Many people who used to be ex-smokers have now switched to having an Amman vape while taking their smoke ring tricks to a whole new level. If you are not legendary enough at blowing smoke rings and “O’s,” do not worry because all it takes is some practice. Here are some of the best tricks […]

Choosing the Best Nicotine Levels

Choosing the right nicotine levels can be confusing if you are shopping at the best vape store Amman for the first time. Even if you might not notice nicotine levels in cigarettes, this is essential information for vaping if your goal is to quit smoking. After selecting the best- flavoured e-juice, you might be suddenly […]

Can E-Cigarettes Poison Your Pets?


If you are an avid zarqa vaper with the cutest puppies and kittens living at home with you, this thought may have crossed your mind. Second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to all living beings, but is vaping dangerous for pets too? There are many fear-mongering articles on the web when it comes to vapes, […]

Celebrities Who Have Switched to Vaping

vaping celebrities

One of the biggest reasons why people became Amman vapers is because they wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes have too many toxic chemicals filled with nicotine and tax, which cause lung cancer and other breathing problems. Long term smokers who wanted to quit the habit resorted to vaping as a solution to suppress cravings […]

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